Movie, Commercial Home Theatre Screen Cleaning Tips From The Pros

• Never touch your theatre screen because it will leave oily deposits.'s screen cleaning kit and professional instructions will help you clean and restore your screen as close as possible to manufacturer specifications if, by chance, someone “touches” your screen.

• Use only professionally certified screen-cleaning solvents. Your theatre screen is manufactured to give you the best picture possible and can be damaged easily by improper cleaners and techniques.'s reproduced for commercial and home theatre operators its commercially tested screen cleaning kit and instructions to reassure users they’re doing it the right way!

• Remember, if you use the wrong cleaner, permanent streaks and stains may be the result and nothing will correct the problem.'s solutions will not result in streaks or stains if the Kits’ enclosed directions are properly followed.

• Carefully select the cloth materials used to clean your screen. Certain cloth materials can be damaging to any screen.'s Deluxe Kits includes safe, tried and proven microfibre pads and instructions. Order Here!

• Always use proper screen cleaning techniques. Certain techniques will damage the home theatre screen’s patina finish, creating permanent long-term damage.'s Kits and instructions outline professional steps and how-to-help. Such know-how is invaluable.

• Be careful trying to remove foreign materials from your theatre screen. has included instructions in its screen cleaning kits to help you eliminate or minimize damages from such foreign materials as soft drinks, Coke, Pepsi, cola, nacho cheese, and so forth. If you try to correct these problems in the wrong manner, long-term damage will result.'s years of experience will help you best restore your screen.

• Dust your screens every month or as required and thoroughly clean screens at least 2-4 times per year, more often given your theatre’s environment. Your quarterly use of's screen cleaning kit and instructions will enable you to maximize the life of your screen while providing you with the optimum presentation and viewing experience. Clean screens deliver the brightest possible movies.

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